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A New House Brings New Possibilities To RCCI

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Rochester Careers in Construction Inc is the sister organization of UNION that works to promote careers in the construction trades, and inform the future workforce of the number of unlimited opportunities available in the industry.

National and local research has indicated a construction trades workforce shortage that is growing in all areas of the industry. Rochester and its surrounding areas have already felt that shortage. Fewer people are choosing a career in the construction industry, resulting in a lack of skilled workers.

RCCI strives to change this by providing programs and activities aimed at Rochester area youth that will help promote these quality careers.

The Annual Careers in Construction Career Day is a program designed for youth in grades 8-12 to learn about career paths, educational programs, salary potential and benefits in the construction industry. Students will enjoy hands-on activities in the technical careers, skilled trades and learn about management opportunities. 

This year’s event will be held on Thursday, October 3rd 2013 at the Monroe County Fleet Center.

For more information regarding the Construction Career Day event, please contact the event Chair, Craig Clark at (607) 587-3914.

Download the PDF version of our Career Day brochure for more information on registration.

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