“This is the place that built some of the greatest corporations on the globe. You made Xerox, you made Kodak, you made Bausch and Lomb. You were doing engineering when other places couldn't spell the word. You were High Tech before they had High Tech. Some of the greatest minds and the greatest inventions came from Rochester. That's who you are and don't you forget it. The blood in your veins is what made this state what it is, made this city and this country what it is.”
Governor Andrew Cuomo, speaking at the Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center on December 14, 2015

United in Construction.

UNICON has a long history of working towards economic development and social improvement in the greater Rochester/Finger Lakes NY region. Because of this, we have the resources available to effectively advocate for the interest of our members and our community as a whole.

To support our private sector, UNICON joins with other community groups in a mission to develop opportunities and economic incentives for local developers and businesses. We strongly encourage and support growth in private sector business and work to promote initiatives that cultivate and expand the future economic development of the region.

United in our Community

To advance our public initiatives, UNICON has taken a leading role in the community by advocating for capital improvements and community initiatives with our Federal, state and regional representatives. We work to educate and build consensus among our elected officials, and to gain support for social initiatives and local projects that will benefit the entire community.


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